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Re: kicad | WIP: Geographical re-annotation (!56)



I wasn't aware the merge. Gitlab is a nightmare for me and I may have closed it accidentally. Ever since I opened my brianadtdocumenteddesigns account it would not let me clone kicad master. Eventually I found a workaround to let me clone alex's fork but then when I tried to fix my geographical annotation it resolutely would not let me do that no matter what I tried. So I opened a new gitlab account bjpiccioni and have been using that.

I would very much like thoughts/help on the UI in general. I am very bad with UIs and was hoping that someone would comment. While I appreciate good UIs I don't seem to be able to create them myself.

I like your idea and will work on it.

I will also send out another plea for help specifically for the missing icons. I think I can manually create them for debugging purposes but it baffles me nobody seems to know how to make them using the recommended procedure.

Any additional comments/suggestions are welcomed.


On 2020-02-04 3:55 a.m., Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:

Eeli Kaikkonen <https://gitlab.com/eelik> commented:

I'm curious, do all the parties who have been involved in this discussion receive notifications even though this merge request has been closed?

I use this discussion because the actual comment is on topic, I hope Brian doesn't mind reviving this.

You asked about the icons in the mailing list. I can't help with that, but I have another thought about the UI WRT the direction.

Here's a screenshot from your old UI: image <https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/uploads/6caec197e4d19b8723dcb5c7dd039b89/image.png>

I don't know what kind of changes you have planned, but if you are going to use all 8 direction options, it would be better to break up into two options: "Start from" and "Direction". Then there would be 4 options + 2 options:

|Start From: Top left Top right Bottom left Bottom right Direction: Horizontal first Vertical first|

And there could be one place for the icon which would show the final combination.

This would be IMO much more easy to comprehend than putting all 8 into one list.
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