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What should I base my work on? 5.5 or 6?


Hello friends,

I've talked about my ODBC back-end for symbol and footprint libraries a few times.  I originally developed it on an early 5.something, and parts of it got broken with the latest 5.x.  I haven't been doing a lot of EDA work, so it hasn't been a priority to fix, but I'm gearing up for some new designs and figured it's time to tackle it again.

So my question:  If I want a stable, reliably-usable KiCad environment to do actual EDA work in, should I be basing my ODBC mods on the latest 5.x or 6?  If I do base it on 5.x, will that be wasted effort when 6 becomes more "stable"?

Also related, a while back there was some talk about developing an actual dynamic-load plug-in system for KiCad.  I had indicated some interest in contributing to that goal, but my own minor efforts definitely died on the vine.  Has anything come of that?  Are there any design documents folks have put together?


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