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Re: File format specifications, again (broken link)


On 2020-02-07 12:41 p.m., jp charras wrote:
Attached, my latest version of file format documents.

Thanks for the PDF files. They appear to be the same docs I downloaded in February of 2017. I looked at a few of the files once again. They have no indication of when they were produced, what is the document revision, and there is no indication of which version of Kicad they document.

The docs still show the file version number as being "1". This also seems wrong as their have been some changes to the file formats for v6 (and v5?).

I realized I have a checkout of a kicad doc repo. When I went to update my checkout I found out that a ton of files were reported as modified. Could someone please add the following two lines to the .git attributes file in https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-doc.git

*.png binary
*.xcf binary

I also got a lot of errors in trying to build the docs in that repo. That might be due to a newer version of some program being required to build the docs but I couldn't tell from the error messages. It also means I can't tell if the file format information in the doc repo is more recent than the files I have.



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