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GCC 7.4 crash somehow related to backannotate


Hi all,

I am running into a weird problem on GCC 7.4 / Ubuntu 18.04.1

Master compiles just fine.  However, after rebasing onto latest master,
my branch in MR90 <https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/merge_requests/90>
causes an internal compiler segfault on

I traced the offending line to 180.
For some reason, this compiles OK without my extra commit, but with it,

I tried changing the line to a different method:

m_pcbModules.insert( nearestItem,
                    std::make_pair( path,
std::make_shared<PCB_MODULE_DATA>( data ) ) );

And now the compiler crash is gone and everything seems ok.

1) Anyone know what is going on here?

2) Any concerns with me changing that line accordingly?  I think the
version with
std::make_pair is more clear anyway.


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