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Re: Internal units in the KiCAD source code


Hi Wayne,

On 13.02.20 20:47, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

> One thing that can be said
> for sure about 64 bit internal units is that there will be a performance
> hit on 32 bit architectures.  The questions are how much and do we care?

I'd expect that to be negligible compared to cache effects, where we
lose a bit because objects grow in size, and gain a bit because we get
rid of a few megabytes of almost-but-not-quite duplicated code.

If we were interested in micro-optimizing, unified internal units would
allow linking everything into a big application, dropping the
requirement for kifaces to be position-independent code, which would
give 32-bit x86 a 2-5% speedup.

The big gain of unified internal units would be on the developer side,
because we'd improve compilation speed, and we'd spend a lot less time
explaining to new developers why we're building position independent
static libraries, and why certain functions cannot be used from
functions inside common/.


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