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Re: New settings framework merged


Hello Andrew,

Thank you for testing!  I agree, this makes more sense  I'll make that


On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 4:00 AM Andrew Lutsenko <anlutsenko@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Jon,
> Great work, I like this framework much better.
> I noticed that there was a change in behavior of how action plugin
> settings are stored.
> Previously it was an ordered map of (plugin path) -> (visible/hidden)
> Now it's an ordered array of only visible plugin paths.
> This has 2 effects:
> 1. Configured order of hidden plugins is lost which means every time one
> wants to enable it, they are forced to bubble sort their list again.
> 2. Plugins that have button enabled by default (i.e. corresponding
> property in python is set) are shown no matter what the user chooses.
> While first is inconvenience, second is definitely a bug.
> I think we need to restore previous behavior. In terms of json
> representation probably ordered array of {path : visibility} tuples will
> work best.
> Regards,
> Andrew
> On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 8:57 PM Jon Evans <jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi everyone who uses nightly builds of KiCad!
>> For those who don’t follow GitLab that closely, the new settings system
>> got merged today.
>> This brings a few user-facing changes that you should be aware of:
>> First, user settings are now stored in versioned subfolders of the KiCad
>> config path.  The major and minor versions are used, so currently this
>> means “5.99”.  When you first launch KiCad, you’ll see a window asking you
>> where to get the settings from. It will default to using your current KiCad
>> installation, but you can manually pick a different path to migrate from.
>> Your settings will be automatically upgraded as you use KiCad the first
>> time.  All of your settings should be preserved: please report any problems
>> you notice so that I can investigate.
>> There is no backwards-compatibility for settings.  Any settings changes
>> you make after migrating your settings to the new system will only apply to
>> newer versions of KiCad.  You can continue to run older versions of KiCad
>> on your system, and they will continue to use the old settings files.
>> If you have been using the KICAD_CONFIG_HOME environment variable to
>> allow running multiple versions of KiCad on the same machine, this
>> technique is still allowed but should no longer be necessary.  If this
>> variable is set, it will determine the base path for settings (there will
>> still be version-specific directories created within that base path).  I
>> recommend that you clear this variable before launching KiCad after this
>> change, and then when you see the dialog asking where to import settings
>> from, choose the appropriate path (either the default, or wherever you had
>> set KICAD_CONFIG_HOME to depending on where you’d like to import from).
>> Second, settings are now stored in JSON format.  This mostly will only
>> impact people who are used to manually editing settings files.  I think the
>> most common reason people do this is to apply color themes.  A real color
>> theme system is also coming in the V6 development cycle!  For the moment,
>> this change will break the ability to paste in color settings you find from
>> other people until those themes are updated to the new format.  I’ll assist
>> in making a migration script so that those of you who have repositories of
>> colors (such as https://github.com/pointhi/kicad-color-schemes) can make
>> versions of these themes that work with the new system.
>> For the moment, this change only impacts system settings.  A similar
>> change is coming that will impact project settings (i.e. those that are
>> currently stored in the KiCad project file and design files).  I’ll make
>> another announcement when that change is ready with more details.
>> If you are paranoid, it might be good to back up your settings files
>> before updating KiCad.  As always, please report any issues on GitLab so
>> that we can investigate and solve them as soon as possible.
>> Best,
>> Jon
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