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[commit 85c2e0d2] pcbnew/drc/drc_tree_model.cpp



	With gcc version 9.2.1 20200224, current master compilation fails with :

/home/bertrand/git/kicad/pcbnew/drc/drc_tree_model.cpp:201:54: error:
operands to ?: have different types ‘const wxString’ and ‘const wxChar*’
{aka ‘const wchar_t*’}
  201 |                                             excluded ? _(
"Excluded " ) : wxEmptyString,
/home/bertrand/git/kicad/pcbnew/drc/drc_tree_model.cpp:201:54: note:
and each type can be converted to the other

	This patch was introduced by 85c2e0d2. I haven't tried to build kicad
with older version of gcc.

	Best regards,


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