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Is it really the case that installing KiCad on a Mac requires manually copying files around?


Hi all but especially adam,

lately there where a few threads on the forum where installation on Mac came up. The users reported that they installed KiCad by manually copying files around which sounded wrong to me. But as a lot of users seem to be under the impression that this is indeed the right way i am now starting to believe them.

If these users are really correct then maybe this should be documented very clearly on our download page. Or if there is any option to automate this process (reducing human error) then maybe this would be the better way to go long term but until then it should still be documented what needs to be copied.

One problem i see is if users can copy KiCad files then the libs might not be write protected which would be a problem as KiCad relies on the operating system write protection to avoid users modifying the shipped libraries.

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