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Re: Legacy symbol library support in master


On 5/11/20 4:33 PM, Kevin Cozens wrote:
> On 2020-05-11 3:46 p.m., Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>> I will be disabling support for saving to file formats at the end of May
>> unless something drastic changes between now and then.
> [snip]
>> Only the new file format libraries will be editable.  This means that
>> if you want to continue to edit legacy libraries, you will have to
>> keep a copy of the stable 5.1 branch on you system.
> Thanks for the update about the libraries. One thing that isn't clear in
> the above is how will we go about updating our personal legacy
> libraries? Will we be able to load them and then save them in the new
> format? Does the new format use a different file extension so we are
> less likely to clobber the legacy libraries with a fresh save in the new
> format?
You will always be able load legacy symbol libraries.  Just add them to
the symbol library table.

You will have to convert symbol libraries to the new file format or keep
a 5.1 stable release installed on your system if you want edit existing

The new symbol file format uses .kicad_sym so you can have both the
legacy and s-expression file formats in the same folder with the same
base name with the appropriate extension.