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Re: DRC rules


Hi Mark,

Clearances are in mm, so your clearances are *really* big.  At a guess I’d say all the clearances are overflow when we multiply them by mm-to-nm, but I’d think that would give random results not no results.

You shouldn’t need to set a priority unless you’re authoring a “relaxed” constraint (for instance, spacing can be decreased near a BGA).  But in any case (priority x) goes in the selector, not the rule.

I see some lines of the form: (match_netclass "Net-(R79-Pad2)”).  Did you create netclass to match the net names, or are you trying to match against a specific net?  (The later isn’t implemented, although maybe it needs to be.)

Let me know how it goes with smaller clearances.  If it still doesn’t work I may need a copy of your project to debug.


> On 18 May 2020, at 10:18, mdoesbur@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I've just tested this on a design and the drc-rules is read, which I
> know because if I don't add "(version 1)" at the first line I get an
> error message. Other than that I doesn't seem to do anything.
> I tried to add "(priority 100)" to the rules, but that is refused when
> reading the drc file. It's also not clear to me what the clearance
> dimension is, so I assumed nanometers.
> I've been using a hack to get clearance rules working for some time, so
> the design is already pretty large and uses 209 different netclasses. I
> did a clean built of 0658d297e528616e233b4074c27f1bdcb870dede,created
> drc-rules and edited the pcb file to create all the netclasses. I then
> loaded the board and rebuilt the planes, but all the rules seem to
> be ignored. I've attached the drc-rules file for reference.
> regards,
> Mark
> <drc-rules.txt>

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