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Re: Assumptions about EDA_DRAW_FRAME in pcbnew


On 7/3/20 9:22 PM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
Hi Reece-

I think I mentioned back then that I'm happy to help with the implementation.  The offer remains if you are interested.

It is easy enough to overload with a pure virtual function in the base class.  The derived classes can override (not overload) the virtual functions that apply to each.  So pcbnew gets one viable function signature and eeschema gets the other.  Misusing this gets an error in compiling, which keeps errors from creeping down to the user.

One aspect of dynamic_cast that is sometimes overlooked is that casts to the base class are optimized out by the compiler.  I think that might save your implementation (if I understand your intention correctly)


Hi Seth,

I think it'd be great if you'd participate in the discussions of this feature. As far as I'm concerned, the more input I get the better.

Last year I tried posting patches periodically for people to comment on as my development progressed but I didn't get a lot of response. This time I've created a GitLab repo which might make it easier for folk to see what I'm doing in context:


Note that this is a rewrite -- not a port -- of last year's work, though the user interface is intended to be the same. I've pushed the first phase of changes, which implement the Pcbnew status line and the dialogs that use the UNIT_BINDER class. It all compiles cleanly. The parts I've tested work fine but I have to remember how to get to some of the dialogs. The code needs some clean-up, especially in the Doxygen support, and there's some development spew to the console so I can verify the conversions taking place are appropriate.

Conspicuously missing is the settings panel that allows easy configuration; I just haven't gotten to it yet. To change to use the Aux origin and flip the Y axis (my normal configuration) add these lines to the pcbnew.json "pcb_display" section:

    "origin_invert_x_axis": false,
    "origin_invert_y_axis": true,
    "origin_mode": 1,

Also missing is support for GetMsgPanelInfo, GetSelectMenuText, and DRC markers. All in good time!

It'd be nice to get some feedback before I get too far down the road.


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