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Proposal: Drop GTK2 support


Currently, we support both GTK2 and GTK3 versions of wxWidgets. What I am
proposing here is that we drop the support of GTK2 from our codebase and
only officially support the GTK3 version of wxWidgets on Linux. This would
only apply for master (v6 and beyond), 5.1 would continue to have its same
support status.

The reasons I have for wanting this are:
* GTK2 has some issues in rendering our UI that we can't overcome (
* New features in the KIPLATFORM library will make direct use of the GTK
calls and headers, and having to support mixed GTK versions makes the build
system and code for these features very complex
* All of our supported platforms for v6 use the GTK3 version of wxWidgets
by default

Any objections/comments?