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Re: Kicad 6 API


Hi Conrad,

On 7/15/20 3:51 PM, Conrad Wood wrote:
> On Wed, 2020-07-15 at 13:53 -0400, Mark Roszko wrote:
>>> I also think it would enable independent software developers to
>> build software on top of, or around kicad, further enhancing its
>> value.
>> They should be contributing to KiCad first ;) 
>> These plans for separation have been around for years, the problem is
>> the amount of devs is limited and their time even more so. It is
>> an open source volunteer effort after all.
> Isn't that a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation?

Not necessarily.  Refactoring can be done incrementally over long
periods of time.  It doesn't have to be an all or nothing effort.  This
is pretty much how the Linux kernel development happens.

> I mean, it's fairly hard to start contributing to KiCad due to its
> complexity. (at least that is my impression - but then I might just be
> stupid :) )
> IMHO, splitting it up would lower the entry barrier to new-comers.

EDA applications are by their nature complex so I don't know how
splitting up complex code would lower the barrier to entry.  I'm not
suggesting that the KiCad code base couldn't be vastly improved but I
cannot see how that will lower the barrier to entry for new developers.

> I'd be more than happy to contribute, but clearly I can't just "split
> out bits into a library" on my own w/o discussion and consensus. That
> _has_ to be a team effort, right?

Any changes to the code structure would require discussion and consensus
with the lead development team.  My guess any discussion that you could
think of has already been discussed more than once.  It's generally a
good idea to check the developer list mailing archives for previous
discussions so we don't have to rehash the same discussion.

> I understand, that there never is "The Right Time" to do something like
> it and I consider it very important not to add any extra workload on
> already stretched people. 
> Rather, with starting this discussion I hope to contribute  with my
> limited means, specifically, finding a means to spread the workload a
> bit more evenly, and at some point, I might be able to directly
> contribute as well.

I will reiterate Seth's comments about starting small.  It really is the
most sensible path forward to becoming a member of the development team.



> Also, for the sake of clarity, when I mentioned about on top of or
> "around kicad" I was very much thinking of more open-source software,
> not closed systems! Thus adding to the functionality of KiCad.
> Conrad
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