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KiCAD nightly builds for Arch


Hi folks,

I recently got fed up enough of not having a parallel installable nightly for Arch that I could use at the same time as release KiCAD so I could toy with new features and yet still keep my main projects in 5.x format, so I put in the effort to create a set of PKGBUILD files for such a nightly.

The result of this are the two sets of packages on the AUR known as kicad-nightly and kicad-library-nightly. However, updating these is presently a touch unwieldy and I wish to put together a meta-repo with my scripts for updating the packages.

To this end, I'm seeking a packaging repo on GitLab such as `kicad-arch-builder`, and possibly a couple of mirroring repos for each of the two AUR packages, if that is possible please?

Many thanks,

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