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eeSchema sporadically switches to "User Grid"



I have been having a weird problem for some time now. Every once in a while, eeSchema would place things off grid. I am unable to replicate this, it just happens.

I noticed just now that eeSchema had switched to "User Grid" of 0.013 in (0.32 mm), which I suspect is the root of the "off grid" issues. I thought perhaps there was a "Set to user grid" hotkey I was hitting accidentally, but I cannot find one.

I have switched my User Grid to 0.05 x 0.05 and I'll see if that at least stops the "off grid" problem.

However, I suspect that either there is an undisclosed "Set to user grid" hotkey or something is overwriting the grid setting. If there was some way of alerting that the grid was set I might be able to provide replication instructions.


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