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Re: 5.1.9 tagged for release



Am 22.12.20 um 23:01 schrieb Nick Østergaard:
> I don't think we need that long. Everything seems to be tagged. I have
> triggered the windows build and it should just be a simple pkgver bump
> for macos and ubuntu ppa as well.

please do also remember that there is more out there than the builds
done by KiCad team members. Especially right now one day before the
X-mas days. I see no need to rush up things more than on other releases
too. Providing new packages is one part, don't forget that in the
western world the users of such releases will be too on X-mas holidays
so the gain would be rather small.

I personally have slightly different interests than going immediately
over to do packaging work.

For me the time span Wayne has given is the right approach and don't
brings in some none useful pressure.


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