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Re: ngspice-34



Am 02.02.21 um 22:07 schrieb Jean-Samuel Reynaud:
> FYI:
> As I see the PATH for the file ngspice/config.h is changed on
> ngspice-34. And on debian package this file is no more distributed on
> this version (as I see on last updated package).
> So there is an impact on some KiCad code:
> common/build_version.cpp:161:    #include <ngspice/config.h>

including a build specific header file from a depending component could
never be correct.

I dropped a note about that behavior of ngspice to ship the config.h
file some versions ago to Holger, but let the shipped header file within
the package. That's now gone.
Holger modified the configuration of ngspice so that the dist target of
ngspice isn't packaging config.h into the tarball that is correct, it's
(re-)created while the configure run.

I've no idea what functions did get included from ngspice/config.h
within kicad, but the only correct header file for including external
function is ngspice/sharedspice.h in case.

Starting a KiCad 5.1.9 together with libngspice0 34 works without
problems so far I could test it.


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