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question about XML BOM output



When using jlcpcb-kicad-tools, it's tedious and error prone to fill in
the LCSC_Part for all components, so I'm thinking how to automate this
from a database/CSV file of preferred parts.

I'm thinking one could make a BOM plugin that processes the XML and
matches value and footprint (package) to insert the correct LCSC_Part.

Looking at the XML, it looks for example like this:

    <comp ref="D1">
        <field name="LCSC_Part">C8598</field>
        <field name="Spice_Lib_File">/Users/lijon/Dropbox/Electronics/Spice-Models/easyeda.lib</field>
        <field name="Spice_Model">0</field>
        <field name="Spice_Netlist_Enabled">N</field>
        <field name="Spice_Node_Sequence">2 1</field>
        <field name="Spice_Primitive">R</field>
      <libsource lib="kymatica" part="D_Schottky"
description="Schottky diode, small symbol, filled shape"/>
      <property name="Spice_Primitive" value="R"/>
      <property name="Spice_Netlist_Enabled" value="N"/>
      <property name="Spice_Node_Sequence" value="2 1"/>
      <property name="Spice_Lib_File"
      <property name="Spice_Model" value="0"/>
      <property name="LCSC_Part" value="C8598"/>
      <property name="Sheetname" value=""/>
      <property name="Sheetfile" value="NoiseGrain.kicad_sch"/>
      <sheetpath names="/" tstamps="/"/>

How come each custom field is repeated both in <fields> as well as
having a <property>? Which one is used?

Is there any way to read such an XML file back after processing it? Or
is there a plugin API to process the schematic in place to fill in
those LCSC_Part fields?


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