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Re: Code execution context


On 2021-02-25 1:47 a.m., Markus Bonk wrote:
I am currently investigating adding support for 3D input devices to pcbnew. The plan is to use a websocket interface

I've long wanted to be able to use my 3DConnexion device when I'm in the 3D view of pcbnew. I thought about trying to implement it but I work mostly in C. I also have too many other projects. I build and run KiCAD from source so I will be happy to help with testing.

I would suggest you look at the code base for Blender to see how they implemented 3D mice support. Under Linux it uses the spacenavd daemon to get the 3D movement information. You could also look at the code base for the Phoenix/Firestorm viewer program (firestormviewer.org) used with 3D virtual worlds. It also uses spacenavd to provide 3D mouse (they call it joystick) support.



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