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Re: build failure


Ok, I'm now trying to build against OCE instead, as I'm sure that used
to work before.
I managed to have CMake find my homebrew installed OCE by setting
OCE_DIR, however it fails here:

make[2]: *** No rule to make target
needed by `kicad/KiCad.app/Contents/MacOS/kicad2step'.  Stop.

Because I don't have MacOSX10.14.sdk, but 10.15. The weird thing is
that I have set CMake build variables to the correct path:


But even then, kicad2step still has 10.14:


Removing utils/kicad2step/CMakeFiles (and plugins/3d/oce/CMakeFiles),
a recursive grep in my build directory tells me that there's NO
mention of "MacOSX10.14" anywhere. But after I've run cmake, it shows
up again in the above mentioned places!

So where is this "MacOSX10.14" reference coming from?

lijon@lijon-mbp kicad % grep -R --include CMakeLists.txt 10.14 .

...show nothing, so it must come outside the kicad source tree.
Any ideas?


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