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Timestamps in footprint library files



I've recently noticed (sometime in the past few months) that the footprint
library file format has changed to include a timestamp on each of the
elements (e.g. each line, each pad), rather than just a timestamp (tedit)
per footprint.

I guess this was taken into account but it makes "diifs" very hard to
interpret since any small change makes everything to change. And it makes
the review of submission to the official library a bit more difficult. E.g.

First of all, I guess those new timestamps are necessary?
Assuming so, would it be possible to only update the timestamp for the
elements which have actually changed?
I don't really know how these timestamps are used so please forgive me if
anything I've said is silly.

Somehow related, the other thing that makes "diffs" hard to read is the
fact that the line order seems to change arbitrarily. Would there be a way
of keeping the same line order? That applies to other KiCad files and not
just footprint library files.

If anything here makes sense, I can raise issues/feature requests, but
wanted to discuss it first.