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Build issue



	I use KiCAD 5.99 as rolling release. For a few days, compilation aborts
with :

[ 32%] Building CXX object
/home/bertrand/git/kicad/eeschema/sim/ngspice.cpp: In member function
‘void NGSPICE::init_dll()’:
/home/bertrand/git/kicad/eeschema/sim/ngspice.cpp:486:47: error: invalid
conversion from ‘int (*)(int, bool, bool, int, void*)’ to ‘int (*)(int,
BOOL, BOOL, int, void*)’ {aka ‘int (*)(int, int, int, int, void*)’}
  486 |     m_ngSpice_Init( &cbSendChar, &cbSendStat, &cbControlledExit,
      |                                               ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      |                                               |
      |                                               int (*)(int, bool,
bool, int, void*)
/home/bertrand/git/kicad/eeschema/sim/ngspice.cpp:487:21: error: invalid
conversion from ‘int (*)(bool, int, void*)’ to ‘int (*)(BOOL, int,
void*)’ {aka ‘int (*)(int, int, void*)’} [-fpermissive]
  487 |                     &cbBGThreadRunning, this );
      |                     ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      |                     |
      |                     int (*)(bool, int, void*)
make[2]: ***
[eeschema/CMakeFiles/eeschema_kiface_objects.dir/build.make:2846 :
eeschema/CMakeFiles/eeschema_kiface_objects.dir/sim/ngspice.cpp.o] Erreur 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:3021 :
eeschema/CMakeFiles/eeschema_kiface_objects.dir/all] Erreur 2
make: *** [Makefile:182 : all] Erreur 2

	I have built ngspice library from source (git).

	To be sure that this issue is reproductible, I have rebuild ngspice
library and kicad from scratch with the same error.

	My workstation runs with Linux Debian/testing (up to date) with gcc
10.2.1. If I understand gcc error, compiler complains about mistake
between BOOL (that seems to be 'int') and bool, but I don't known C++
enough to fix it.

	Best regards,


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