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Re: Kicad functionality explanation help


Hello all,

I’m a beginner to Kicad source code. I’m looking to test some modules and components. Is there a way to learn which module does what in the repo? I have the source code with me.  The whole project seems a bit complex so I’m trying to figure out one part , test it and then increase tests to other parts to cover most or all of it.  I am sort of familiar with understanding large code bases but am finding a starting point. I have been told to look at the directory below and write tests there. 

The entire code is below: 

If you can, can you please suggest any documentation or emails or anything which can explain which module does what and how does each module work ? Examples of some modules I’m wanting to learn to test are eeschema, pcbnew, qa_utils, gerber and geometry just to name a few. I  also looked at UI and other things such as 3d viewer modules. I figure there may be UI related bugs because there were crashes as listed in the mailing list or in the issue list here:

The number of issues is about 1170 on any day since a few months. My goal is to reduce the number of open issues to a bare minimum or eliminate them.
I had some discussions with the developers and they didn’t accept suggestions that writing detailed software requirements and design specifications to reduce bugs would work as most developers are volunteers.