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Any pointers to speed up the build


Hello Team,

I don't know whether this is normal, but even for a small change, the
application takes ~ 15 mins to build.

$ time make -j 5 install
real    14m51.815s
user    0m8.017s
sys     0m15.641s

The most time is spent in the linking process. (Following steps)

[ 98%] Linking CXX shared module _pcbnew.kiface
[ 98%] Built target pcbnew_kiface
[ 98%] Creating python's pcbnew native module _pcbnew.pyd for command line
[ 98%] Built target pcbnew
[ 98%] Linking CXX executable qa_pcbnew_tools.exe
[ 98%] Linking CXX executable qa_pcbnew.exe
[ 98%] Built target pcbnew_python_module
[ 98%] Built target qa_pcbnew_tools
[100%] Built target qa_pcbnew

Is there a way to speed this up?

Best Regards,
Pradeepa Senanayake.

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