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Re: old ngspice in 599 macOS nightly


Hello Holger,

Am 24.07.21 um 14:51 schrieb Holger Vogt:
> Carsten,
> library versioning: not yet.
> Did some experiments with libtool library versioning.
> The input 0:1:0 (code change but no api change) created a 
> libngspice.so.0.0.1.

that's correct, just increase the revision (or age if new symbols were
added) for the library with every new release as long no backward
compatible breaking changes were made.

> My Linux Eeschema (5.1.10 from SUSE Leap 15.3 Electronics repository 
> with ngspice-14) failed immediately because it wants to load 
> libngspice.so.0.0.0.

Then KiCad is doing something wrong or is not smart enough. It's not
your responsibility as maintainer of ngspice to fix this.

KiCad is to strict if it will only built with library version 0.0.0,
that is just wrong as the main thing for using versioned library is to
ensure that at least a subset of the symbols is available.

> I do not have patience and enough know-how to figure out what is right 
> or wrong, so versioning has to be postponed.

You don't have to do much on your side, just do the increasing step for
the library revision or age if needed and you are ready. Thanks.

Carsten Schönert

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