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Re: Problem compiling 5.1, maybe from commit 2975e859500


Thanks, Jeff.  It looks like "make clean" does the right thing - it removes "include/page_layout_reader_lexer.h", among others.

I was used to just blowing away the build directory to clean up, but now I know that that is not sufficient for KiCAD, because it writes generated files into its source area.

And of course there is always "git clean -fdx" when you really want a pristine tree. :-)


On 9/14/21 09:52, Jeff Young wrote:
This normally happens when you’re building both 5.1 and 5.99 in a single tree.  I have to delete them a lot as I do that.

But I haven’t a clue how it’s /supposed/ to be.  When I have a working build (even if it’s clunky), I tend to be very hesitant to change /anything/. ;)

On 14 Sep 2021, at 14:27, Steven A. Falco <stevenfalco@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:stevenfalco@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

It looks like the problem is that the definition of T_kicad_wks appears in a generated file: include/page_layout_reader_lexer.h

However, while I do "out of tree" builds, page_layout_reader_lexer.h is not created in the build directory, but rather it is created in the source directory.

So when I deleted my build directory to force a clean build, page_layout_reader_lexer.h was not deleted / re-created, hence the new definition was not found.

Is the intention to have page_layout_reader_lexer.h be created in the source directory or in the build directory?


On 9/13/21 17:17, Steven A. Falco wrote:
I'm getting the following error compiling the 5.1 branch:
/home/sfalco/src/kicad/kicad5/gitlab/code/kicad-5.1/common/page_layout/page_layout_reader.cpp: In member function ‘void PAGE_LAYOUT_READER_PARSER::Parse(WORKSHEET_LAYOUT*)’:
/home/sfalco/src/kicad/kicad5/gitlab/code/kicad-5.1/common/page_layout/page_layout_reader.cpp:131:22: error: ‘T_kicad_wks’ was not declared in this scope
  131 |         if( token == T_kicad_wks || token == T_drawing_sheet )
      |                      ^~~~~~~~~~~
/home/sfalco/src/kicad/kicad5/gitlab/code/kicad-5.1/common/page_layout/page_layout_reader.cpp:131:46: error: ‘T_drawing_sheet’ was not declared in this scope
  131 |         if( token == T_kicad_wks || token == T_drawing_sheet )
      |                                              ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This appears to be due to commit 2975e859500, which added this code:
+        if( token == T_kicad_wks || token == T_drawing_sheet )
+        {
+            THROW_PARSE_ERROR( _( "KiCad was unable to open this file because it was created with "
+                                  "a more recent version than the one you are running.\n\n"
+                                  "To open it you will need to upgrade KiCad to 5.99 or later." ),
+                               CurSource(), CurLine(), CurLineNumber(), CurOffset() );
+        }

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