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Ending support for macOS 10.14


Hi all,

As described in more detail in a forum thread[1], Homebrew no longer
packages opencascade for macOS 10.14.  As opencascade is a requirement for
KiCad, this means that we can no longer build on 10.14 and therefore cannot
support 10.14 for the 5.99 nightly builds or the upcoming 6.0 stable

Apple is coincidentally ending support for 10.14 on November 30.  Given
that we don't support KiCad on operating systems that are no longer
supported by their maintainers, we would move 10.14 into the "unsupported,
but may still function" category at that point anyway.

If anyone is motivated to provide continued support for 10.14, you would
need to figure out a way to get kicad-mac-builder to work with opencascade
on 10.14 (either by providing a homebrew bottle, or by building the
opencascade dependency outside homebrew).  At this time, I don't think any
of the lead devs plan to work on this.

Please speak up if anyone wants to take on the effort to continue 10.14
support.  If not, we can update the website accordingly.


[1] https://forum.kicad.info/t/macos-nightly-build-situation/30154/8