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Calling all Python devs - KiCad 6 and plugin repository information


Hi all,

If you develop Python plugins for KiCad, this message is for you!

First of all, as you have probably seen, the new Python API won't be
included in KiCad 6.0.  We still want to support the existing SWIG API that
allows the creation of action plugins in the PCB editor and external
scripts, but there have been some changes to the API between 5.1 and now
due to underlying code changes in KiCad.  We have already been fixing some
regressions in the SWIG API that should make it possible to port your
plugins to 6.0.

We need your help to test out your plugins and make any changes needed for
the 6.0 API, so that we can identify and fix any remaining regressions from
5.1 before the December 15 deadline. If you have any trouble getting your
scripts to work in 6.0 RC1, please open an issue on GitLab and we will
assist.  It is important to us that existing plugins are able to continue
to work.

Second, the new Plugin and Content Manager (PCM) is working and our new
public plugin repository is open for submissions.  If you weren't already
aware, this feature provides an easy way for KiCad users to discover and
install your plugins.  We highly encourage all plugin developers to submit
your plugins to the repository once they are compatible with KiCad 6.0.
More information about this process is documented on the dev-docs site[1].
Please get in touch if you have any questions, we'd like to help.


[1] https://dev-docs.kicad.org/en/addons/