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Re: Version 6 release candidate 1


Just to be clear, I think it's fine to do this if you are testing your
build/packaging process, but the docs at the rc1 tag are not going to be
that useful to users, as they are in an incomplete and
partially-untranslated state.  We are in the middle of a project to update
the docs for V6, and we are doing this out of sync with the code (so we did
not wait for the rc1 tag until the docs were at a "release candidate"
state, in other words).

On Thu, Nov 18, 2021 at 3:13 PM Steven A. Falco <stevenfalco@xxxxxxxxx>

> On 11/18/21 03:04 PM, Johannes Maibaum wrote:
> > Am Donnerstag, dem 18.11.2021 um 14:58 -0500 schrieb Jon Evans:
> >> When do you need it by?  The docs are nowhere near ready for the
> >> final release, so if this isn't a hard requirement, I would suggest
> >> not bothering to package the docs for now.
> >
> > I hope to get 6.0.0-rc1 added to the flathub-beta channel over the
> > weekend and this was an item still missing on my list.
> >
> > But there is no immediate need at all before the final release. I had
> > included the docs into the flatpak, because this allowed to add a "has
> > (translated) user docs" flag which is one further green box checked in
> > software centers like GNOME Software.
> >
> > It's fine if they don't become ready in time. I will then just remove
> > that box again until they become ready at some later point.
> You can download the doc as a tar from the following URL:
> https://gitlab.com/kicad/services/kicad-doc/-/archive/6.0.0-rc1/kicad-doc-6.0.0-rc1.tar.bz2
> You can also change the "bz2" to "gz" if you prefer that format.
> BTW, I've made the 6.0.0-rc1 builds for Fedora Rawhide, but they haven't
> been picked up by the mirrors yet.
> I will not make 6.0.0 builds for Fedora 34 / 35 etc, because it is against
> policy to have a major version change on those.  Thus Fedora 36 (in about 6
> months) will be the first one that ships a 6.0.0 build.
>         Steve

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