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6.0.0 build flags


I looked at CMakeLists.txt, and it appears that some of the old 5.x build flags have been removed, and some new flags have been added.

In particular, the following scripting flags are gone (only KICAD_SCRIPTING_WXPYTHON remains):


These flags still appear in files like .gitlab/Windows-CI.yml and should be removed.  They should also be removed from the Fedora nightly builds, and probably from other builds, as well.

I can remove the above flags from the Fedora nightly builds, and I can create an MR for the .gitlab files, if desired.  Please let me know if you want that MR.

There are a few new flags that I think should be added to the Fedora builds for clarity, even though we don't change the defaults.  In particular, I propose to add:


Are there any other new flags that I should add?  (I could add every single flag from CMakeLists.txt, but most seem related to debug, and would just clutter the cmake command.)


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