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KiCad moving to C++17


Hi Folks-

With the release of KiCad v6, we are moving our codebase forward. In this
case, we are moving from C++14 to C++17.  This will allow us to use more
readable, efficient syntax as well as using more cross-platform, standard
libraries that are built into modern compilers.

This does come at a price, however.  Older compilers will not support all
of the potential features used by C++17 code.  In general, we expect g++
version 8 and higher to be supported, clang++ version 7 and higher as well
as MSVC 2019 and higher.

One or more of these versions is available on all supported KiCad
platforms.  If you are using an older Linux distro such as Ubuntu 18.04,
you may need to compile KiCad with clang++ instead of g++ in order to use
built-in distro packages.

We plan on making this switch only in the master branch, not in the 6.0
branch.  6.0 will remain C++14.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We will be making
this change next week.

Best regards,

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Seth Hillbrand
*Lead Developer*
Long Beach, CA
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