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Footprint display origin development


Hey folks!

I'm starting work on extending display origin transforms to the footprint editor.  It appears this is entirely a matter of adding it to the preferences, as the FP editor shares the rest of the code with Pcbnew.

Question 1: What's the likelihood of this feature being added to a post-6.0 release prior to the 7.0 release?

I plan to create the new FP editor preferences panel from a copy of the existing Pcbnew panel. I see a fair number of minor changes in the Pcbnew origin preferences panel support code on the master branch after the 6.0 tag. If there's a chance of this feature being added to a 6.x release I'd rather develop based on the 6.0 code base rather than chasing master, then port to 6.99 later.

Question 2: Does anyone see value in supporting a display origin other than the "Coordinate origin point (anchor) of the footprint"?

Pcbnew supports display origins of page, aux, and grid. Grid origin was my first experiment with Pcbnew years ago, but I found the aux origin more useful. I debated dropping the grid origin option from Pcbnew when I submitted patches for 6.0, but it was trivial to support so I left it in.

Since the footprint editor uses the Pcbnew transformation code already in place, grid origin support in the FP editor merely requires allowing the user to select it in the preferences. The FP editor doesn't support an aux origin, so dropping grid origin means there won't be an "Display origin" selection option at all, only axis directions.

Thoughts on this?

Happy New Year!