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Was the initial graphics mode screen removed?


In the past, when running eeschema or pcbnew for the first time, it would ask if I wanted to try accelerated graphics.  That no longer seems to be the case - I don't get that dialog.

I don't know if the dialog was intentionally removed or if it is a bug, but I think it is an issue either way, because the default is now accelerated graphics, which results in segfaults on some machines that I have here.

Today I was trying some experiments in a new VM, and I couldn't launch eeschema, either from the main app or standalone.  It would segfault before putting up its window.  Then I remembered that I had had that problem in the past when I was trying out accelerated graphics.  But in the past, I was able to select fallback graphics from that initial dialog.

In this case, my only way to fix the situation was to copy the json config files from another machine that was already configured for fallback graphics.  That worked.  KiCad was now usable in the VM.

Most people won't have a set of suitable json files laying around to get past the segfault, or even know to try that.  Thus, I think the initial dialog needs to be there, or perhaps the default should be changed to fallback graphics.


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