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Re: Icon for 3D Mouse center of rotation


Hi Mark,


That image appears to be a version of the 3d Connexion corporate logo (which
I expect you would anticipate on being a Trademark item).

As such I don’t think it would be appropriate to have it within an
open-source software package, it would be troublesome to get it across the
line on licencing, and how that licencing would be inclusive to other

i.e. would you accept someone to modify the logo to include a funny face, or
a emoticon poo symbol or similar?  If it were my logo I would not want that,
and hence would not want it to be licenced under an open source licence… I
would want it to remain as a defensible trademark under an ‘all rights
reserved’ licence.


Perhaps Wayne or the other Kicad members might have a different opinion on
this (or legal advice contradicting my statements), but I think it would be
something that 3d Connexion would likely want to have their legal team
consider also.




Bevan Weiss


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I have a request to change the icon used to represent the center of rotation
when using a 3D Mouse to 3DPivot.png (see attachment). Before I investigate
what needs doing to implement this while keeping the current solution for
the 2D Mouse, I wanted to query you if such a merge request could be




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