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Automatic label rotation


Dear Kicad developers!

I made a feature which allows automatic alignment of the hierarchial and global labels depending on where did they got placed.
I would like to have some discussion about it before I submit a MR.

The code lives here:

https://gitlab.com/martonmiklos/kicad/-/tree/add_label_rotate <https://gitlab.com/martonmiklos/kicad/-/tree/add_label_rotate>

You could find a short video about what it does:


At the moment it is limited to hierarchial and global labels, and only the following connections:

 * Wires
 * Symbol pins
 * Bus entries

Are there any other label types where this auto alignment feature would make sense?

Are there any connection points where it could be useful (other than than what is implemented now)?

I found two other possible item types in the code: SCH_SHEET_PIN_T, SCH_PIN_T.

As for SCH_SHEET_PIN_T I added hierarchial sheet symbols and added the hierarchual pins to them, however if I place a global label right into the sheet imported pins they does not get connected automatically: if I move away the placed label no wires got added (like they do when I place a label on a symbol's pin).

About the SCH_PIN_T I thought that the power taps are fall into this category, but it looks like that they are not (simply Symbol pins at least for the GND).

I have wondered if the temporary label alignment change should be visualized when the cursor get moved above a placement point,
however it might be just waste of computational time.

Best regards,
Miklos Marton

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