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Re: Introduction of sentry application monitoring and error tracking


Hi Mark,

Should I enable yet this on ubuntu nightly build (PPA) ?

Le mercredi 30 mars 2022 à 20:31 -0400, Mark Roszko a écrit :
> Hey folks,
> We are planning to introduce the use of the Sentry platform into
> KiCad.
> Sentry https://sentry.io/ is open source platform to capture
> application events, crash dumps, and other random analytics.
> Both their hosted platform (https://github.com/getsentry/sentry) is
> open source and the integrated SDK to handle crash handling in C++ is
> also open source on github under MIT license (
> https://github.com/getsentry/sentry-native)
> Sentry has given KiCad a sponsored account to use their SaaS platform
> as the KiCad team does not have the manpower to maintain a self-
> hosted instance.
> The plan going forward is:
> - The primary use in KiCad will be to capture crash reports, but in
> the future it could also let us gather things like performance
> metrics of algorithms across the wider user base.
> - The implementation will be and will remain entirely opt-in with a
> one time prompt on startup, and the ability to turn it off in
> preferences. This is to maintain privacy regulation compliance and
> just good manners.
> - No PII is captured, we have no need or desire for it. Only a random
> GUID generated for your install is used to connect crash reports.
> This GUID can be reset at any time by the user.
> - To aid in avoiding PII capture, all sentry reports go to a "sentry-
> relay" server run on KiCad owned infrastructure, 
> this relay serves as a proxy to communicate to the main sentry.io
> platform, this aids in hiding originating IP addresses but we have
> also turned off the storage of IP addresses in sentry
> - Additionally, the cmake variable KICAD_USE_SENTRY is being added
> where a value of false will disable the inclusion of the sentry sdk
> entirely. The current default will be off as only Windows support is
> tested.
> - Sentry will only store at most 1 raw crash dump (though we can turn
> it off entirely) for analysis. Sentry will parse out only the
> relevant crash details such as call stack, and stack frame and
> discard the rest of the crash dump.
> - This will be deployed for Windows nightly builds first
> - Data in sentry is retained for at max 90 days before it is deleted
> automatically.
> This solves a many years long desire of the KiCad team to capture
> crash dumps without user involvement and sentry offers us a very easy
> solution to do it and help make KiCad better for everyone.
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