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List testing messages


Hi Folks-

You may have received a bounced message over the list to verify a new email
address.  You can ignore the message.

We've had a few issues over the past year with Launchpad losing/not
delivering some messages.  We've reported the issue to Launchpad each time.

This may be due to Launchpad messages failing DKIM/DMARC checks or it may
be due to other issues.  We don't really have much visibility into the root

At this point, we are exploring alternate list options.  We may not need to
migrate to a different list but we want to make sure that we are prepared
should the need arise.

Unfortunately, our primary means of communication is via this mailing list
and, with messages not being delivered, it is unclear if updates will get
through.  In the event that we do change list servers, we'll post the
announcement to this list multiple times as well as to the forum and
discord servers.

Sorry for the technical difficulties.

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Seth Hillbrand
*Lead Developer*
Long Beach, CA
www.kipro-pcb.com    info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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