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[Question #230583]: Connecting C Sharp SOAP client


New question #230583 on ladon:

I'm trying to connect a C# client to my Ladon web service, but I had issues on certain situations.
When the web service returns a list of int, e.g. @ladonize(rtype=[int]), the C# client is not able to retrieve that list. However it works with a Python Suds client.
I'm running Ladon 0.8.1 and Python 2.7.
I've tried running the client using both Mono 2.10 and .NET 4.0. In Mono 2.10 I'm getting System.InvalidCastException error while I get null values with .NET 4.0.
I've uploaded the reproduction project on Mega. I contains the Ladon web service, a working Suds client and the non-working Mono client source and some screenshots.

I've also seen a similar issue on Stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14143553/when-consuming-soap-web-services-with-c-sharp-got-null-provider-is-ladon-python

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