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Re: [Question #232116]: can't use inputs with several lines in SOAP services


Question #232116 on ladon changed:

Mr T gave more information on the question:
I've just found a "solution", although I don't know whether it is
correct. In soap11.py I've found the function where data is collected
(characters(self,content):) . Here, a distinction is made for when the
parser is in or out the "CDATA" section.  When not in the section, the
content is striped. That's what was happening. I just removed the
".strip()" leaving the code like this:

def characters(self,content):
	print "aqui: content="+str(content)
	# Collect data continuosly, reset every time a new element is entered.
	# If it has been detected that the parser is in a CDATA Section all content
	# will be collected as is (raw) otherwise content is stripped.
	if self.state == self.ARGS_IN or self.cur_id_val:
		if self.in_cdata:
			# in CDATA Section
			self.pickup_content += content
			self.pickup_content += content

Of course, the "if" is now useless. 
Btw, I don't know whether this is a bug or an intended feature... and whether my fix will break sth else.

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