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[Question #243850]: ImportError: No module named


New question #243850 on ladon:


I'm building a webservice with ladon that returns a list of objects. 

Under the code of ladon:

#coding: utf-8

from ladon.ladonizer import ladonize
from ladon.types.ladontype import LadonType
from ladon.compat import PORTABLE_STRING
from DAO.ScheduleDAO import ScheduleDAO

class Schedule(LadonType):
    id = int
    propertiesId = int
    realtorId = int
    customerId = int
    comments = unicode

class UserService(object):

    def sendShedule(self,realtorId):
            scheduleList = []
            schedules = ScheduleDAO().selectScheduleRealtor(realtorId)
            for schedule in schedules:
                scheduleUnit = Schedule()
                scheduleUnit.id = schedule.id
                scheduleUnit.propertiesId = schedule.propertiesId
                scheduleUnit.realtorId = schedule.realtorId
                scheduleUnit.customerId = schedule.customerId
                scheduleUnit.comments = schedule.comments
                del scheduleUnit
            return scheduleList
            print 'Erro ScheduleWs '

The extrutura my program will the following:

├── Business
│   └── Schedule.pyc
├── DAO
│	├── __init__.py
│   └── ScheduleDAO.py
└── WS
    ├── handler.py
    ├── __init__.py
    └── ScheduleWS.py

When running the WS ( the following error appears: 

ImportError: No module named DAO.ScheduleDAO 

The DAO.ScheduleDAO module, as the name implies, is part of a package in which I perform the query on the database and return the arraylist of objects. 

Have recreated several times a DAO class as well as the WS itself but nothing worked. 

I would like your help for my case. 

I looked on the internet, the scarce listed here and nothing is like mine! 

Thank you!

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