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[Question #271871]: Could not find module chardet_py3 on Python 3.5


New question #271871 on ladon:


I am just trying to ladonize a service and it seems to work fine on Python 2.7.2 but not on Python 3.5

First of all, it seems that the dependency on 'chardet' is missing in the installation... Nevermind, I pip installed chardet and then ladon yells:

  File "C:\Python35\lib\site-packages\ladon\ladonizer\collection.py", line 18, in <module>
    from chardet_py3 import detect
ImportError: No module named 'chardet_py3'

Since the chardet_py3 folder does not exist under C:\Python35\Lib\site-packages (while chardet exists)
I just went to C:\Python35\lib\site-packages\ladon\ladonizer\collection.py and removed the "_py3"

This worked like a charm.

Obviously, it is not the cleanest solution I can think of. Any idea?

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