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[Question #588261]: methodname error in dispatcher


New question #588261 on ladon:

I'm having problem calling the service using .net HttpClient.
This is my python web service description:
{"methods": {"AddBulkItems": {"doc_lines": [], "params": {"itemIds": {"optional": false, "doc_lines": [], "type": "list", "def_order": 1}}, "ret_info": {"doc_lines": [], "type": "boolean"}}, "AddItemToWatch": {"doc_lines": [], "params": {"itemId": {"optional": false, "doc_lines": [], "type": "string", "def_order": 1}}, "ret_info": {"doc_lines": [], "type": "boolean"}}}, "servicename": "WalmartService", "url": "";, "type": "jsonwsp/description", "types": {}, "version": "1.1"}

This is the json request body:
  "method": {
    "AddItemToWatch": {
      "params": {
        "itemId": "151564"

Then I got this response back:
{"fault": {"filename": "dispatcher", "lineno": 174, "string": "'methodname'", "code": "client", "hint": "", "detail": ["Traceback (most recent call last):", "  File \"/usr/local/lib/python3.4/dist-packages/ladon/server/dispatcher.py\", line 160, in dispatch_request", "    methodname = req_dict['methodname']", "KeyError: 'methodname'", ""]}, "version": "1.0", "type": "jsonwsp/fault"}

What should I send to the service?

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