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[Question #658188]: web service with c# out and ref params


New question #658188 on ladon:

I have a WSDL service with out parmeters and ref parameters. How do I define the client with ladon, and how do I get the result with ladon?  

Please see this real-world example: https://pci.zcredit.co.il/ZCreditWS.asmx

The call CommitFullTransaction() is called with some fields that are not meant to be used during the call (out parameters) but only filled in the result, and some which are used during the call but also returned in the result (ref parameters). 

The return value (CommitFullTransactionResult) is boolean. 


* ExpDate is a ref parameter: It is both in the call and in the result
* Authnum is an out parameter - it is only in the result

To the best of my understanding for both kinds of these parameters, an object is expected (for the OUT param it must be "empty") and the WSDL will fill it. 

Python does not use referenced params. So, is this supported in some way, if so how, if not how to call that kind of a service?

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