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Memcached API



I took a look at the current Memcached work, and saw the merge proposal
for the TAL API. I took a look at the current API, and while it looks
nice and easy to use, I can't really tell whether it's a good or bad
API. I can't tell, since I don't really know what we want to use
Memcached for.

I know that we want to cache parts of the page, but that's pretty vague.
I do know that one thing that we want to cache is the rendering of bug
comments, since that's pretty safe to cache, and they are expensive to
render. What else are we wanting to cache? When can we consider this
done, from a Foundations point of view?

Personally I'd like to at least see bug comments cached. There are a
different ways this can be done, and I'd be interested to know how the
current API design was decided upon. What other options were considered,
and why were they abandoned?

Björn Tillenius | https://launchpad.net/~bjornt

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