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Re: RFC Changing permissions to allow contributors to set upstream information


On March 2, 2010, Curtis Hovey wrote:
> Implementation notes
> ....................
> I think the proposed permission rules imply the return of the despicable
> EditPersonLocation-style permission checker...
>     class EditProductSomething(EditByOwnersOrAdmins):
>         permission = 'launchpad.EditSomething'
>         usedfor = IProduct
>         def checkAuthenticated(self, user):
>             """Anybody can edit something if it is not set."""
>             something = self.obj.something
>             if something is None:
>                 return True
>             else:
>                 return super(EditProductSomething,
> self).checkAuthenticated(user)
> ...and the setup of some unique views to isolate this kind of change.
> Since we are striving to remove the exceptional permission names, this
> whole category of needs a name and story that is easy to test when we want
> to reuse the permission name. We have a few cases of launchpad.append, but
> I do not think that is this case. I also discount launchpad.moderate. This
> looks like a launchpad.Propose, or launchpad.Suggest.

I suggest we use launchpad.Edit. For these attributes, but allow setting them 
from two places, the object directly where the current checker is used 
(owner/admin only). And a CommunityEditableMetadata objects which would use 
the more fancy checkers.

> I have some reservation about this whole proposal--users cannot fix their
> mistakes. This will lead to requests to other users to fix the data, and
> lead to bug reports just like the reports to edit/delete comments.

We might want to store the last user who set the attribute and make the 
checker give permission to that user for that attribute on a more permanent 

We probably also want some audit logs of attribuets set by community members.

Francis J. Lacoste

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