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Adding required app data to databases


Hi Stuart.

I am having a moment of uncertainty. I want to add new karmaactions and
a new karmacategory for the registry. I think there is something
fundamentally wrong with karma (and celebrities). But I may be confused.

I was using a patch to add the new data and I had to hardcode the serial
to avoid a constraint violation with karmaaction_pkey. Edwin explained
that the problem was not my patch, but that sampledata was loaded after
the patch was applied.

I think that instead of writing a patch, I should provide a migration
script that can be run on dev to make the current.sql and
current-dev.sql, and then run in staging and production. This sounds
somewhat risky, and we do not want to create new sampledata.

Since the Launchpad application depends upon the karmaaction.name, may
be the names should be enums? If we wanted to change the title or
summary of a karmaaction, we must ask a LOSA to using the admin screen,
which I think is odd.

__Curtis C. Hovey_________

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