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New sub-project: launchpad-web


Hello all,

After talking w/ Gary & Curtis, we've decided that a lot of the bugs
that are currently filed against Launchpad Foundations ought to be
tracked separately.

Thus, I've created a launchpad-web project which is designed to track
CSS, Javascript, template, HTML bugs etc that are not specific to any
Launchpad application. I'm moving the relevant bugs over now
(post-3-ui-cleanup, confusing-ui, css and maybe Javascript)

Some examples:
  * "The homepage has too much unused whitespace!" --> launchpad-web
  * "Bug / branch links are three sizes too small" --> launchpad-code & malone
  * "Launchpad should be available over plain HTTP" --> launchpad-foundations
  * "When I edit titles anywhere, the green flash never goes away" -->
lazr-js (but file on launchpad-web if in doubt)

Hope this helps,

PS. I want components.