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Trouble loading a meliae dump


Hi John,

I've used meliae to get a memory dump from Launchpad, but when I tried
to load that dump I got http://paste.ubuntu.com/397273/ (the first line
there shows the line that causes simplejson.loads() to choke).

From my understanding of [1], this seems to be expected, but I wonder
how these unpaired surrogates ended up in the dump.  Any ideas?

BTW, I did some hacks in my local copy of meliae to replace the
problematic bits on that line, and after that I was able to load the
dump. Maybe with that I could try and find out where the unpaired
surrogates are coming from?

[1] <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mapping_of_Unicode_characters#Surrogates>


Guilherme Salgado <salgado@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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