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What's up with the deployment report blocked on r12041?


Hi Launchpadders,

as of now 21:47:30 UTC the deployment report
is blocked by r12041.

That revision was reverted in r12080 but the way it was used "ec2 land
--rollback=12041 --no-qa" revealed a bug in ec2 land and bzr lp-land
tools. The tool ignored the --rollback tag and added only the no-qa
tag to the commit message. As per
https://dev.launchpad.net/QAProcessContinuousRollouts the --rollback
should be used by itself when rolling back a revision.

That way the qa-tagger has no way of knowing that r12080 reverts
r12041. Another revision r12088 has landed and is currently on
buildbot with a no-op commit message to fix the issue.

So, we have two options:
1) set bugs 620458 and 629804 to qa-ok when all revisions in between
r12041 and r12080 are deployable.
2) wait r12088 to land and the report will correct itself

I'll file a bug to update the ec2 land and bzr lp-land to deal with
that combination correctly.
I'll file a bug to update the qa-tagger to allow this situation to be
corrected somehow without the need of another commit.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience,
Diogo M. Matsubara

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