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Fwd: ~canonical-launchpad-emeritus and ~launchpad-emeritus?


So I was thinking, we have folk like:
 - jml
 - mwhudson
 - salgado
 - kiko

who have left the LP team but theres no real reason for them to stop
counting as having bug supervisor bits, code review bits etc.

So I was thinking, perhaps we could have two teams - one for the
'still @ canonical' and one for the 'left canonical but expressed an
ongoing interest in lp/its components' folk, which would grant:
 - codereview + bugsupervisor + upload-to-trunk-of-components
 - upload to deployed branches (lp:launchpad/devel for instance)

(Upload meaning direct or tarmac or PQM as appropriate for the project)

I've run this past Francis and he quite liked it; what do you think?

If noone objects I'll set this up later this week.


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